Our Goals

The Buenos Aires Astrological Center Foundation (Fundación Centro Astrológico de Buenos Aires) is a non profit association dedicated to the development of Astrology in Argentina over the last 50 years. Its main activities include the teaching of Astrology through regular qualifying courses, workshops & specialization seminars, lecture and debate cycles, publications, information and computer services for astrologers and a public library.

Our History and Profile

The Buenos Aires Astrological Center was created by a group of Argentinian astrologers on April 19th 1961 at 9:25 PM (BZT). It immediately became the main reference and meeting place for those interested in Astrology in Argentina. It was closely related to the discovery of the Topocentric House System, created by Vendel Polich and Anthony Nelson Page, and through its editorial work it has been its main diffuser in the Spanish speaking countries. It became a non profit foundation on December 18th 1991 at 7:36 PM (BZT), after Ricardo Eloy Dumon´s death, its director during twenty five years. Besides being the country´s oldest astrological association, it has also achieved international scope and total uninterrupted continuity. It has been distinguished since its creation by its eclecticism and its determination of including the best from the different traditional and modern astrological currents. It has therefore been not only pioneer in Argentina by establishing a body dedicated to Astrology, but also importing and creating fundamental astrological practices now at use everyday and widespreadly. Since the first moment it has centered its activity in training astrologers with an ample and serious basis, enriched through the years through research, constant development of its teachers and its curriculum.

Site and Administration

The Buenos Aires Astrological Center Foundation´s headquarters are on Tte.Gral.Juan D. Perón 1751 2º D, Buenos Aires, CP 1039, Argentina, and its telephone and fax number is (+5411) 4371-9978. Its working hours during its main season (April to November) are from 9.30 AM to 10 PM (BZT) during the week. On February and March it offers summer courses. Our mail address is fundacioncaba@gmail.com

The members of the Administration Council of the Buenos Aires Astrological Center Foundation are:

President: Alejandra Eusebi

First Vice-President: Silvia Poceiro

Second Vice-President: Viviana Widmer

Secretary: Zuleica Requelme

Vice-Secretary: Alejandro Méndez Parnes

Treasurer: María Inés Bertollo

Vice-Treasurer: Beatriz Ishikawa

Our Courses

The present teaching staff is conformed as follows: Alejandra Eusebi (Director), Inés Chaves (Academic Secretary). By seniority order: Franco Rossomando, Alberto Chislovsky, Viviana Widmer, Silvia Poceiro, Beatriz Ishikawa, María Inés Bertollo, Zuleica Requelme, Alejandra Eusebi, Claudia Herrera, Claudia Fincotto & Alejandro Méndez Parnes.

The regular qualifying diploma course may be completed in two to five years, depending of the intensity that the student may apply to its studies. It consists of 469 forty-five minutes class hours organized in sixteen units lasting two months each with a weekly two sixty minutes hours class (with the option of taking two, and eventually three at the same time), and different specialization four months seminars (Medical Astrology, Mundane, Horary, Hindu, Synastry, Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Statistics, Harmonics, Astrodrama, Primary Directions, Intuition), of wich the student must take at least two. The courses include quite demanding periodical examinations (at least two in each unit) and intensive class work as well as suggested and obligatory readings. With regard to this, the Foundation also offers its students a very rich astrological Public Library, including thousands of books and journals. The complete contents of the curriculum and the mentioned readings figures in a Spanish booklet at the disposal of all those interested in it. The synthesis of the sixteen units´ contents (offered at 9.30 AM, 12, 2.30, 5 & 7.30 PM) is as follows:

I . Definition, scope & branches of Astrology. Its History and Modern Psychology´s. The Foundation Ethic´s Code.

II . General and Positional Astronomy basics. Calculation and drawing of the Natal Chart.

III . The Zodiac signs. Polarities, triplicities and the astrological elements.

IV . Planets, houses and major aspects.

V . Deepening and interaction for the aforementioned issues.

VI . First steps on approaching and synthesizing the Chart. Mythology.

VII . Sensitive points (Vertex, Arabic Points, Nodes, etc.). Intercepted signs. Focal planets.

VIII . Aspects, configurations and planetary patterns.

IX . Midpoints. Significators of particular life areas, such as health, profession, love, etc.

X . The analysis and the synthesis in astrological interpretation. Counseling facts & ethics.

XI . Positional Astronomy and calculee elementals related to the different prediction systems

XII . Astrological Prediction: progressions and symbolic directions

XIII . Rectification

XIV . Advanced Rectification

XV . Transits, Solar and Lunar returns and other advanced prediction methods with rectified charts. Counseling, prediction and ethics. The Foundation Ethic's Code.

XVI . More predictive systems. Topocentric Primary Directions

Once obtained this qualifying diploma course (Astrology Technical Expert), the student may complete a Postdegree qualifying course with a diploma on Astrological Counselling, which consists of 256 forty-five minutes hours classes and a final research thesis (in order to achive this diploma the student must hold an University degree).

Besides our regular courses, the specialization seminars and the public library, the Foundation offers on Fridays a cycle of free entrance lectures, debates, one-day workshops and short seminars on different astrological subjects. Moreover, publications and other services for astrologers.

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